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Challenging his record with facts.

Saturday was a big day in the state that will hold the pivotal first primary for the Democratic presidential nomination. Almost 20 candidates spoke at the New Hampshire Democratic Party convention. We were there as part of the RootsAction team, getting 1,200 fliers from the Biden Fact Squad into the hands of delegates and activists.

Our team made sure that the full-color, 14-inch flier was by far the most prominent -- and most talked about -- piece of literature at the convention. It provided well-documented information about key aspects of Biden’s long record.

Sadly, that record includes teaming up with segregationist senators on various issues; undermining Anita Hill in the Clarence Thomas hearings; playing a major role in passage of the now-notorious 1994 crime bill; providing career-long services to big banks, credit-card companies and other huge corporations; and powerfully enabling the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Trump’s re-election strategists already know this record. They are well aware of Biden's vulnerabilities with voters -- and ready to inform every voter in key swing states that Biden supported NAFTA, and that he repeatedly sided with banks against consumers on bankruptcy protection and student loans.

  • Please share our Biden Fact Squad flier that we’ve distributed to thousands of progressive activists and voters.

If you donate $12, that means we can print 100 more copies. Or, since it's less expensive to print in bulk, $100 would mean 1,000 more copies. Whatever you can afford will go a long way.

Please share Joe Biden: Facts and donate what you can spare to strengthen this work.

Thank you!

-- Jeff and Norman

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