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Some journalists are joking about Joe Biden’s “gaffes.” But we’re not laughing.

It’s crucial to defeat Trump. And that would be a longshot with an establishment candidate who keeps putting his foot in his mouth while sucking up to Wall Street and corporate interests.

That’s why RootsAction has launched the Biden Fact Squad -- with concise and well-documented summaries of Biden’s key statements and actions.

The Biden Fact Squad has started on the ground in crucial early primary states, and we want to expand to others -- including New Hampshire, Iowa and Nevada.

We need you to help make history and brighten our future! Here are two important ways:

  • Share via social media the contents of the RootsAction flier that’s been making waves from California to South Carolina. You can share online at “Biden Fact Squad.”

Our 14-inch, two-sided, full-color flier (see the “Background” link below) is being beautifully printed by a union shop. Each one costs about 13 cents. You can help us print more!

If you donate $3, that covers printing 25 copies that we can get into the hands of active Democrats and other voters -- many of whom don’t know key facts about Biden’s record.

If you donate $12, that means we can print 100 more copies. Or, with economies of scale, $100 would mean 1,000 more copies. Whatever you can afford will go a long way.

Democratic Party volunteers and local party leaders have often taken our flier, read it and then circled back to tell us how much they appreciated the information. Of course, it isn’t always like that.

We’ve been scolded a few times for daring to present inconvenient truths about Biden’s record. One delegate to the California Democratic Party’s state convention this summer indignantly told a RootsAction staffer: “How can you pass this out -- he was the vice president!”

The Biden Fact Squad will not be deterred. But we really need your help to avert the nomination of Joe Biden as the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

Please share Joe Biden: Facts and donate what you can afford to strengthen this work.

Thank you!

Please share on Facebook and Twitter.

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