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Donald Trump is stirring up hatred against Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib over their birthplace and religion and skin color and progressivism – because he thinks enough people will fall for it.

But there's a secret reason why Trump is targeting these Congresswomen. It's this: all the good they are working to do for you. Trump doesn't want you to know about that.

They’ve joined in introducing and passing important House legislation, beginning with the For the People Act addressing corruption and voting rights.

They’ve also taken the lead in introducing and passing crucial amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act, including one requiring that the Pentagon tell Congress the cost of and the supposed national security benefit of every foreign military base. And another amendment that would stop the secret and reckless sharing of "watch lists" (people treated as suspects by the U.S. government without charge or trial) with foreign dictatorships.

They've spoken up clearly and forcefully in support of human rights at the southern border and across the country and the world. We've dreamed of having people in Congress who would do this. Now that we have them, we must support them.

Click here to donate to the campaigns of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

These Congresswomen have introduced and lobbied for cutting-edge progressive legislation to make public college free for all and eliminate student debt, to protect people from wrongful eviction, to defend the right to boycott, to prohibit public schools from shaming students who are unable to pay for school meals, to remove medically necessary debt from credit reports, to prevent discrimination by car insurance companies, and to wipe out poverty through a monthly refundable tax credit.

Nobody else was doing this as effectively as Omar, Tlaib and their closest House allies. If we allow big money and vicious hatred to remove these women from Congress, nobody will be likely to do it again.

Click here to support their re-election campaigns and our work at RootsAction: Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

They've also worked hard to steadily increase support for the impeachment of Trump – something that for all his bluster he's clearly afraid of.

Courage is contagious. It's our job to promote it and reward it. Listen to how Congresswoman Tlaib talks about voting against what she calls "the biggest military budget in history." She voted no on the appropriations bill because it "not only brings our communities no closer to the economic opportunity we all deserve, it actually makes our nation less safe to do so. H.R. 2740 appropriates $690 billion for the Department of Defense, and an additional $43 billion for nuclear weapons programs, for a total of $733 billion spent on our military-industrial complex. These are huge checks being written to Boeing and Lockheed Martin, when we should be cutting checks to everyday people struggling to make ends meet.

"H.R. 2740 dedicates only $190 billion to education, healthcare, and workforce development programs – money that our district desperately needs more of. For instance, it would cost $71 million to fix the lead-tainted plumbing in the Detroit Public Schools Community District – or about half of the $140 million this budget allocates for just 8 military helicopters. I cannot vote for an appropriations bill that serves defense companies so well while leaving too many of our neighbors in the 13th District behind. The Department of Defense doesn’t need a raise, our residents do."

If you agree, click one or both of these links:

Rashida Tlaib:

Ilhan Omar:

Thank you!

—Norman Solomon, Jeff Cohen, and the RootsAction Team

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