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When the news broke yesterday, even many of Joe Biden’s supporters voiced alarm. The New York Times reported that his campaign had confirmed Biden supports the Hyde Amendment, “a measure that prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion” -- with the only exceptions being “cases involving rape, incest and when the life of the mother is in danger.”

The Hyde Amendment “disproportionately affects economically disadvantaged women and women of color,” the Times noted. Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, “said Mr. Biden’s stance would be disqualifying for an endorsement during the primary.” She declared: “We would never support someone who supported Hyde, period.”

Biden has doubled down on favoring extremely discriminatory policies -- depriving low-income women of their rights to reproductive choice.

Unfortunately, despite his “Lunch Bucket Joe” image, Biden has often backed policies unfair to people without economic privilege. But we’re not getting much accurate information about his record from corporate media.

That’s why RootsAction is now launching the Biden Fact Squad.

Here are two important ways you can help get the Biden Fact Squad off to a strong start.

**  Click here and contribute what you can to support the launch of the Biden Fact Squad nationwide.

**  Share via social media the contents of a RootsAction flier that had major impact at last weekend’s California Democratic Party convention. You can do that by clicking on “Joe Biden: Facts.”

Last weekend, we helped change the narrative at the gathering of California Democrats. As the Washington Post reported: “Anyone who spent more than 10 minutes at the convention was handed a two-sided document from the group RootsAction.”

Bloomberg News explained that our organization had distributed fliers “featuring quotes in which Biden praised Vice President Mike Pence and defended billionaires.” Bloomberg also reported that “anti-Biden sentiment was palpable throughout the convention, where delegates expressed frustration with both his candidacy and his absence” -- and RootsAction “even distributed fliers that featured quotes from Biden and criticisms of his record.”

What we did in California last weekend needs to happen elsewhere around the country. With your help, RootsAction’s new Biden Fact Squad can have a big impact.

Your help now can make a real difference as the Biden Fact Squad gets rolling!

Corporate power and corporate media have elevated Joe Biden to frontrunner status. But if we organize effectively, we can clear the path for a progressive Democratic ticket that can defeat Donald Trump and help transform our country.

Thank you!

>>  Danielle Campoamor, Washington Post: “Joe Biden’s Support of the Hyde Amendment Makes Him Unfit to Lead”


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