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During the last week, the huge amount of corporate media coverage about Joe Biden has revealed very little about his actual record. There’s a big hole where information should be. You can help fill the gap!

Please share some of the important articles listed below under “Background.” You might want to forward links to friends via email as well as share your favorite pieces on social media. Our combined efforts could reach literally millions of people before the end of this week.

RootsAction.org needs your support to be able to inform the public with key facts that are routinely omitted by mainstream media. We have no deep-pocket backers, and we depend on the generosity of people who understand and value what RootsAction is doing.

Unfortunately, right now RootsAction is unable to pay end-of-April bills. If you believe we should continue with emails like this one to share such vital information, please click here and throw a few dollars (or more) in the hat. We’d sure appreciate a donation of whatever you can afford.

Thank you!

-- The RootsAction.org Team

     >>  Andrew Cockburn, Harper’s Magazine: “Joe Biden’s Disastrous Legislative Legacy”
     >>  Natasha Lennard, The Intercept: “What Joe Biden’s (Non-)Apology to Anita Hill Reveals About Him”
     >>  Norman Solomon, Common Dreams: “Joe Biden Reality Check: The Puffery vs. the Record”
     >>  Rebecca Traister, The Cut: “Joe Biden Isn’t the Answer”
     >>  Ryan Cooper, The Week: “Joe Biden Is About to Ruin His Reputation”
     >>  Libby Watson, Splinter News: “Will Anyone Call Joe Biden on His Bullshit?”
     >>  Jeff Zeleny, CNN: “Letters from Joe Biden Reveal How He Sought Support of Segregationists in Fight Against Busing”
     >>  Branko Marcetic, In These Times: “Joe Biden Says He’s the Workers’ Candidate, But He Has Worked to Cut Medicare and Social Security”
     >>  Data for Progress: “Joe Biden’s ‘Electability’”

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