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President Trump has just proposed to again move tens of billions of dollars from almost everything else into the ever-growing military budget.
Only this time, Congress contains some resisters who actually resist.

They are the same Congressional progressives who just successfully resisted false accusations of anti-Semitism and produced a powerful condemnation of all forms of bigotry instead.

The first Palestinian-American woman elected to Congress, Rashida Tlaib campaigned while scaring away some of the most common major funders of election campaigns with statements like this one:

"I don't support military operations. If you go to the Department of Defense website, every day, Monday through Friday, there is an area called 'contracts.' Go there. You want to pay for college? Medicare for All? Pay to take care of Americans dying from famine to basic human rights abuses? Look at those contracts. . . . We can build safer and more vibrant communities. I am tired of the earmarks for corporations. They aren’t going to Americans. They’re going to private companies. Not only have we made prisons into private corporations, wars are a for-profit industry. The [Department of Defense is] a cesspool for corporations to make money.”

Now that she's in office, Tlaib has done something even more unusual.
She's performed as promised. She's introduced and sponsored bills to protect the environment, workers, women, consumers, and peace. And she's spoken up clearly and articulately for the changes we need. Tlaib is facing predictably fierce attacks from conservative forces.

Click here to support her outspoken courage and also RootsAction's work for peace and human rights.

RootsAction and allies in a big coalition have gathered nearly 100,000 signatures in support of Tlaib's Justice for All Civil Rights Act, which would expand civil rights and workers' rights protections. Tlaib has even taken a leading role in promoting impeachment hearings for President Trump on the documented offenses that RootsAction has been chronicling and advocating for since inauguration day.

On the question of impeachment, Tlaib has faced strong resistance from both her own and the other big party. But, she has not backed down.

We spend so much time dreaming of having elected officials act this way, that we hardly know what to do when one appears and does so.

Here's what we do: we support them. Click here to do so now!

Thank you!

—Jeff Cohen, Norman Solomon, and the RootsAction Team


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