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Tell Amazon: Don't use our data for killing.

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Death, brought right to the door.

Amazon has other uses for drones than what you might have heard about.

Days ago, journalist Nick Mottern wrote that Amazon is likely to win a $10 billion contract “to build a global ‘brain’ for the Pentagon called JEDI, a weapon of unprecedented surveillance and killing power, a profoundly aggressive weapon that should not be allowed to be created.”

Mottern’s article for Truthout tells how Amazon Web Services is the frontrunner to win the huge contract for JEDI. While discussing the program, he reports, “Pentagon officials refer to the need for efficiencies in sharing data among its military branches, with the goal of increasing the ‘lethality’ of the U.S. war machine.”

If you don’t want Amazon’s data to increase “the lethality of the U.S. war machine,” click here to send a clear message to Amazon employees and management.

Working for a peaceful world is essential, not only during this holiday season but 24/7/365. You can support the ongoing work of the RootsAction Education Fund if you make a tax-deductible donation.

Here are key excerpts from Mottern’s investigative reporting:

**  “Amazon has built a vast, globally distributed data storage capacity and sophisticated artificial intelligence programs to propel its retail business.” The Pentagon’s JEDI program that Amazon is positioned to serve in exchange for $10 billion is “very likely to be at the heart of managing the first generation of operational U.S. robotic land, sea, air and space weaponry.”

**  JEDI, which stands for Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, “is intended to not only improve information sharing, but to dramatically increase the U.S. military’s ability to collect and sort through huge amounts of surveillance information from many, many sources on individuals and groups -- governmental and non-governmental -- around the world. This will be part of a process of using artificial intelligence and algorithms to identify probable targets for killing.”

**  “It appears very possible that if Amazon gets the Pentagon contract, the personal profiles of its customers around the world, developed to stimulate retail sales, will become, either individually or as aggregated, instruments of these customers’ intimidation and control.”

Such militarized madness has been steadily following a predictable path for years. That doesn't mean we can't stop it.

Click here to read and sign the petition to Amazon employees urging them to refuse military work.

We also urge you to read and share Nick Mottern's stunning article. A link to it is below, under “Background.”

Contributions to the RootsAction Education Fund now will enable us to do more work for peace and justice in the new year.

We can't win these public arguments or pay our bills without you. We appreciate everything you do.

-- The RootsAction Education Fund Team

>>  Nick Mottern, Truthout: “Alexa, Drop a Bomb”: Amazon Wants in on U.S. Warfare
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