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Trump has body slammed himself this time. With reports of a Saudi journalist's gruesome murder prominently in the news, Trump told a crowd he was backing a Congressman for reelection partly because that Congressman had body slammed a journalist:

"Any guy that can do a body slam — he's my guy." —Trump

By clicking here, you can quickly and directly tell your member of Congress to impeach Trump for his pattern of inciting violence and numerous other reasons.

Violence and threats of violence increase in tandem with Trump's reckless pronouncements. This week has seen suspected bombs mailed to CNN and prominent Democrats.

RootsAction is committed to ousting this corrupt, unstable, bigoted and extremely dangerous man from the White House.

We must insist that members of Congress confront Trump’s repeated winks and nods to racists, anti-Semites and all-around bigots -- symbolized by the neo-Nazis and KKK supporters who terrorized peaceful protesters in Charlottesville last year, murdering one woman in the process.

Referring to events in Charlottesville, Trump made numerous abhorrent statements at a news conference, including his declaration that there were “some very fine people on both sides” in a conflict where violent promoters of racism and anti-Semitism attacked nonviolent opponents of bigotry.

During his presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly urged supporters to rough-up anti-Trump protesters. He told a crowd in Iowa to "Knock the crap out of them . . . I promise you, I will pay the legal fees." Referring to a protester at a Nevada rally, Trump said, "I'd like to punch him in the face."

Trump's numerous statements condoning and encouraging both bigotry and violence, as well as his response to Charlottesville, have been praised by white supremacists.

You can do two things right now to push for an end to the Trump presidency:

**  Help persuade your member of Congress to speak out publicly and forcefully for impeachment!
Click here to quickly email your congressional representative.

**  Support RootsAction’s work to impeach Donald Trump. Please click here and contribute whatever you can.

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Thank you!
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