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RootsAction supporters have helped to transform the national discourse about the Democratic Party.

A year ago, RootsAction.org released “Autopsy: The Democratic Party in Crisis.” Now an important update, “Democratic Autopsy: One Year Later,” evaluates how well -- or poorly -- the Democratic Party has done to set a new course in seven key categories.

During the last week, media coverage of this work by RootsAction has been extensive -- from outlets like The Nation, Salon and Politico to national TV programs such as C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” and “Rising Up With Sonali” to drive-time radio programs like KPFK’s “Connect the Dots” and the national Pacifica show “Flashpoints.”

To thousands of RootsAction supporters who’ve signed petitions, sent constituent emails to Congress and made generous donations over the years, we want to say “Thank You!” You’ve made it happen. And we can’t keep up the pressure without you.

That’s why we want to ask you to do two things now:

** Check out the sampling of media coverage of RootsAction’s new report “Democratic Autopsy: One Year Later” -- links are below -- and share with your friends.

** Donate to help RootsAction carry on this ongoing struggle to help create huge progressive change. Click here to donate whatever you can.

And if you’d like to see the TV interviews with members of the Autopsy task force, you can watch here.

The sponsor of both Autopsy reports, RootsAction, is committed to strengthening efforts to end the scourge of Republican rule. We’re independent of any political party while working for social justice, civil liberties, environmental protection and peace.

     Salon: Can the “Blue Wave” Save Democrats from Themselves? Progressive Activists See Hard Work Ahead

     C-SPAN “Washington Journal”: Norman Solomon on the Democratic Party

     Rising Up With Sonali”: Pia Gallegos -- Assessing the Democratic Party Ahead of Midterms

     The Nation, “Start Making Sense”: Jeff Cohen -- Can Progressive Momentum Transform the Democratic Party?

     “Flashpoints,” Pacifica Radio: Roundtable with Authors of “Democratic Autopsy: One Year Later”

We hope you’ll share on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you!

-- The RootsAction.org Team

>>  The Nation: Excerpts from “Democratic Autopsy: One Year Later”
>>  Full Report: “Democratic Autopsy: One Year Later” (October 2018)

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