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The Boston Globe's editorial puts it this way: "Make no mistake: Brett Kavanaugh’s a liar. He lies about little things. He lies about big things. He lies under oath. . . . You can believe that a Supreme Court nominee’s conduct in high school doesn’t matter anyway. . . . You can even believe that maybe he genuinely doesn’t remember the assault, which Ford says happened when he was very drunk. Those are all separate questions from whether he’s been honest. . . . Unfortunately, the only way for senators to convince themselves that Kavanaugh hasn’t already been shown to be a habitual liar is to lie to themselves."

Click here to urge your Senators to reject the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Kavanaugh has almost certainly lied under oath to Congress.

He has worked to deny rights to African-Americans, to Hawaiians, to women, and to voters.

He has striven to expand presidential powers to launch wars.

He has been accused of sexual assault, a charge that must be investigated.

His confirmation would take U.S. laws in several very dangerous directions for a long time to come.

Click here to urge that his nomination be rejected immediately.

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-- The RootsAction.org Team

P.S. RootsAction is an independent online force endorsed by Jim Hightower, Barbara Ehrenreich, Cornel West, Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Klein, Bill Fletcher Jr., Laura Flanders, former U.S. Senator James Abourezk, Frances Fox Piven, Lila Garrett, Phil Donahue, Sonali Kolhatkar, and many others.

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