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The voting power of “superdelegates” in choosing the Democratic presidential nominee is gone! And RootsAction supporters helped make it happen.

A few days ago, in an email to you, we wrote about the necessity of “pushing to make the Democratic Party democratic.” And we added that “at this moment, RootsAction’s cofounders and many other progressive activists are on an ‘informational picket line’ in front of the Chicago hotel where the full Democratic National Committee is convening today.”

The photo on the right, seen via news outlets nationwide, shows one of the signs that RootsAction supporters paid for.  It was part of media coverage that reached millions of people in outlets like CNN, the New York Times, NBC News, and HuffPost.

The organizing drive for a democratic Democratic Party has cost RootsAction thousands of dollars in the last week. To enable us to keep up the pressure for more democratic reforms, we need your financial support now! Please contribute whatever you can afford.

In the afterglow of the great victory that ends elite/superdelegate leverage over the nominating process, we’re looking at hefty bills for bringing our high-visibility campaign to the DNC meeting. It’s a campaign that must continue -- for democracy inside the party and throughout the United States.

You can help support this nationwide RootsAction campaign now.

Let’s keep winning!

We can never match the resources of the billionaires. But we don’t need to. Minimal funding is all we need to keep gaining strength!

Thank you!

--- The RootsAction.org Team

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