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Help Us Continue Progress Toward Peace in Korea.

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Less than a year ago, President Donald Trump was threatening North Korea with "fire and fury."

Today such threats are completely absent from his remarks and tweets.

Today Trump said, "We will be stopping the war games . . .  I think it's very provocative." This move has been a central proposal in our People's Peace Treaty and other petitions and actions that RootsAction has advanced, building on our earlier focus on halting the verbal threats coming out of Washington.

RootsAction has consistently pushed Trump, Congress, and the hawkish U.S. media toward acceptance of peace in Korea, setting this priority above partisanship. Within the past week we generated huge numbers of emails into the offices of seven Democratic senators who had obstructively insisted in a letter to Trump that sanctions relief for North Korea await total disarmament and inspections. Today Trump spoke of sanctions relief as part of the process ahead.

We want to continue urging steps toward peace and demilitarization, but may not be able to maintain our current strength. The fact is that we are only able to pay our bills each month with your support.

Please donate what you can today, and make your donation a monthly recurring one if you are able, so that we can focus our efforts on continuing to educate, organize, and lobby for a world without the threat of nuclear war.

> Reuters: Trump and Kim's Joint Statement

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