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Impeach Trump, without World War III

Support one.

Strive to prevent the other.

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Some of the organizations, politicians and pundits now pushing to impeach President Trump don’t seem to mind pushing the world toward a final cataclysmic war in the process. Often it appears they’d like to see the United States and Russia move even closer to military confrontation.
At RootsAction, we take a very different approach. We believe that Trump’s ongoing violations of the U.S. Constitution -- beginning with contempt for its foreign and domestic emoluments clauses -- provide more than enough grounds for impeaching Trump and removing him from office.
RootsAction opposes the current widespread efforts to inflame tensions and conflicts between the world’s two nuclear superpowers.
We ask you to please:

Send an email to your representative in Congress, urging her or him to move forward with the process to impeach Trump.
*  Throw a few dollars in the hat -- or whatever you can afford -- to support the ongoing push for impeachment while refusing to help boost the odds of a global nuclear holocaust.
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Thank you!
--- The RootsAction.org team

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