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During the last three years of his life, Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated 50 years ago today, took steps the corporate media do not recount.

He organized against the war on Vietnam and argued that militarism, racism, and extreme materialism needed to be opposed together.

He worked to build a Poor People's Campaign uniting all working people across racial divisions to press for fundamental economic changes.

"I am convinced," he said 51 years ago today, "that if we are to get on to the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values."

A radical revolution of values has never been popular with television networks or textbook publishers. But it's still needed, and there are people still working for it.

Here are some ways you can honor Dr. King's legacy:

Read his visionary speech "Beyond Vietnam."

Take part in antiwar rallies around the United States this month.

Join in events happening everywhere aimed at reducing military spending.

Sign up for the new Poor People's Campaign with events beginning next month.

Forward this email to everyone you can, and ask them to join the largest online organization consistently working against the madness of militarism as well as racism and extreme materialism: RootsAction.

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