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Let's impeach Trump and let's do it right.

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Like many tools, impeachment can be used for better or worse, skillfully or recklessly, wisely or in a manner that risks a failure to convict in the Senate while risking war in the process.

Past bad impeachment efforts have also created resistance to the future use of impeachment, while past good impeachment efforts have done a world of good. But nothing does more damage than the failure to properly impeach when needed.

If past presidents had been impeached and laws enforced, Trump probably would not have just nominated a known torturer for director of the CIA.

We explain our strategy here.

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Some advocates for impeachment are seeking donations while stoking frenzied hostility to Russia that heightens the dangers of catastrophic military conflict between the world’s two nuclear superpowers. At RootsAction, we reject such approaches.

If you agree that Trump must be impeached and you don’t want to heighten the chances of World War III in the process, we hope you’ll make a donation to this impeachment campaign by clicking here.

The refusal of Congress to meet the public demand for the impeachment of George W. Bush cemented in place a sense of presidential impunity – especially on war powers – that has been flaunted by Bush, Obama, and now Donald Trump.

Since inauguration day 2017, RootsAction.org has been building a list of proper impeachable offenses. Read it here.

Others are advocating Trump’s impeachment because of what they call a Russian “act of war” against the United States, feeding right into the Trump administration's own new policies of declaring cyber crimes and other crimes to be acts of war to be responded to with actual war.

That type of impeachment campaign risks getting us all killed. It also risks a failure to convict due to lack of evidence -- which failure would truly entrench dictatorial powers beyond any likely reform.

At RootsAction.org we are dedicated to building a wise, effective, strategic movement for impeachment, not for World War III.

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