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The State of the Impeachment is improving.

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My fellow Americans, a shorter and more direct State of the Union speech might have begun, this place is burning and I'm spraying gasoline on it. I'm here to raise money from this speech, to threaten nuclear war, to characterize immigrants as murderers, to utterly ignore the climate crisis, to insult nations around the globe, and to generally promote militarism and authoritarianism. Now, clap, you losers!

Enough is enough. Click here to help us send Trump packing.

Many Congress members did not clap. Many did not even attend the speech. And a growing number have signed onto or voted for resolutions and spoken out in support of impeachment.

One reason this is happening and one of our best tools for moving Congress further in the right direction are the action pages through which you and the rest of us at RootsAction.org have been flooding Congressional offices with emails and phone calls.

We have been pushing hard, and Congress members are noticing.

And journalists are noticing Congress members' movement in the direction of impeachment.

"A majority of House Democrats who represent more liberal districts now voted in favor of considering impeachment," wrote CNN last week after a vote in Congress, "perhaps a sign that the left wing of the party could be edging closer to seriously mulling trying to oust the President."

This is a beginning. To help us build on this momentum, please donate what you can today.

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--The RootsAction.org Team

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