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Today marks one year since Donald Trump began trying to ban Muslims from entering the United States. As with most such outrages, many people have bravely resisted, both offline and on. In this case, courts have admirably resisted as well. And, as usual, most of Congress has whimpered and bowed before the presidential throne.
Trump continues to attempt to discriminate against immigrants on the basis of religion, to incite racist violence, to bomb Middle Eastern nations, to insult foreign leaders, and to defame some countries with slurs like "s---holes" or "s---houses." He still wants to wall off Mexico, only now he wants you to pay for it. RootsAction is helping make sure that wall is never built. And we're pushing to see Trump impeached for these, among many other, offenses.

But we need your help.

Please donate now to allow RootsAction to keep organizing, resisting, and building a movement to transform a system that is truly broken.
Congress has handed Trump unconstitutional mass surveillance powers, a bigger military increase than he asked for, and -- through the rhetoric of the leaders of both big parties -- protection from impeachment for anything he does. Our job is to change all of that.
This is doable. Grassroots people-power has moved numerous Congress members already on impeachment. An Olympic truce that RootsAction promoted could be a catalyst for bringing peace to Korea. We helped persuade numerous cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors to take a stand against military spending that we will continue to build on. We were part of stopping a plan for wide-area surveillance in Miami, Fla. We urged Charlottesville, following the fascist rally, to ban weapons from public events, and the city has changed its policies accordingly.
We're helping those most abused in our society
, including prisoners, claim their rights -- including securing Edward Pinkney's release, Mumia Abu Jamal's access to medical care, and Florida prisoners' rights to humane treatment. We've helped rename J.E.B. Stuart High School in Virginia as Justice High School. Our local and national campaigns are taking off. But we cannot expand them or even keep going without your support.

You can strengthen such work for 2018!
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While he has done great damage, Trump has not yet won in his efforts to ban Muslims, to deport immigrants, to tear up the Iran agreement, to wall off Mexico, or to start a war with North Korea. But it hasn't been for lack of trying, and each of these dangers looms larger now than it did a year ago.

Please help RootsAction now so that our combined efforts can keep going and growing.

Thank you!

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