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Make U.S. Policy No First Nuclear Strike!

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Any use at all of nuclear weapons must be avoided. The world-destroying devices must be banned and eliminated. Here is a useful and achievable step in that direction.

Click here to tell the U.S. Congress to pass H.R. 4415, the complete text of which reads:

"It is the policy of the United States to not use nuclear weapons first."

China, India, and North Korea have declared no-first-use policies. Russia used to have a no-first-use policy. Germany has proposed a no-first-use policy for NATO nations.

A first-use of nuclear weapons would kill huge numbers of people in the location targeted and nearby nations, risk widespread fall-out, risk apocalyptic retaliation and escalation, and possibly create a nuclear winter that kills off crops in much or all of the world.

A no-first-use policy would ease tensions, halt presidential threats, allow negotiations with nations that will only negotiate when not being threatened (such as North Korea), and eliminate any argument for maintaining land-based nuclear weapons (as opposed to sea- and air-based ones).

While much of the world is moving toward a ban on possession of nuclear weapons, a U.S. move to no first use would be a very welcome step that could kickstart a reverse arms race as well as a treaty to finally end the Korean War.

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-- The RootsAction.org Team

P.S. RootsAction is an independent online force endorsed by Jim Hightower, Barbara Ehrenreich, Cornel West, Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Klein, Bill Fletcher Jr., Laura Flanders, former U.S. Senator James Abourezk, Frances Fox Piven, Lila Garrett, Phil Donahue, Sonali Kolhatkar, and many others.



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