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Charlottesville, Virginia has three Confederate war monuments, one World War I monument, one Vietnam War monument, two (pro) Native American genocide monuments, one statue of Thomas Jefferson, one statue of Homer (poet of war), and no major monuments to anything else.

Here's a proposal backed by RootsAction.org, World Beyond War, Pax Christi Charlottesville, Amnesty International Charlottesville, and the Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice:

Please add your name to our petition to create a peace monument.

Charlottesville, Virginia, has the potential to be a leader for peace at home and abroad. Its city council in recent years passed resolutions against the war on Iraq, against threatening Iran, against drones, and in favor of moving resources from wasteful and deadly military spending to human and environmental needs. Other cities and towns followed Charlottesville's lead on some of these measures.

Charlottesville now needs to be a voice for peace and nonviolence more than ever. The city's support for peace, like its opposition to racism, is nowhere visible on the public landscape.

Charlottesville has four sister cities, and signs indicating them are visible in Charlottesville. But the motto of Sister Cities International, "Peace Through People," is nowhere to be found. There is no location set aside to celebrate these relationships, as there could be in combination with a peace pole.

A peace pole is one easy and widely recognized way to mark a public interest in peace. Any public memorial to efforts for peace would work.

Charlottesville desperately needs memorials to the struggles of Native Americans, against slavery, for integration, for women's rights, for workers' rights, for education and arts, and everything other than war. A peace monument is a place to start.

Please sign the petition so that we can deliver it to Charlottesville City Council. Please share it widely.

-- The RootsAction.org team

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