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They're starving. We can help.

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People all over the United States will naturally be eager to help hungry men, women, and children at risk of starvation in the impoverished nation of Yemen, if we can inform them that this catastrophe is happening.
To reverse the policies responsible will require admitting who is behind them, namely the governments of the United States and Saudi Arabia, and -- perhaps even harder to admit -- that chief among those policies is war-making.
Please click here to sign an important petition that we will deliver to the U.S. government, the Saudi government, and the United Nations.
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While an estimated 10,000 people in Yemen have been killed by Saudi bombing directly aided by the United States, estimates place the death toll from war-induced starvation much higher. UN agencies estimate that 462,000 Yemeni children under five years of age are currently suffering severe acute malnutrition, meaning that they are at serious risk of dying. Many more are approaching that dire condition.
Contributing to the crisis in Yemen have been:
•      U.S. drone killings of civilians in Yemen;
•      U.S. weapons sales to Saudi Arabia;
•      U.S. purchasing of fossil fuels from Saudi Arabia;
•      U.S. and European allies' defense of Saudi Arabia from sanctions by the United Nations;
•      U.S. identification of targets for Saudi bombing;
•      U.S. mid-air refueling of the bombers;
•      U.S./Saudi targeting of agricultural, health, and transportation infrastructure;
•      The bombing of August 17, 2015, that destroyed all of the cranes used to unload container ships at the main port of Hodeidah, as well as a World Food Program warehouse;
•      Newly escalated targeting of Hodeidah and the Red Sea coast;
•      U.S. "special forces" raids on Yemeni families;
•      Saudi takeover of the Central Bank of Yemen.
Help reverse these policies by clicking here.
Then forward this email to everyone you can, urging them to pay some attention to this crisis despite the existence of so many others.
Two nations – the United States and Saudi Arabia -- helping to lead the destruction of the earth's climate, joined at the hip by fossil fuel and weapons sales, and both invested in supporting terrorists in Syria, have been collaborating for years on the creation of this other tragedy as well. It is time for us to put an end to it, to send in food and medicine rather than missiles and guns.

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-- The RootsAction.org Team

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> Gareth Porter, Truthout: The U.S. Provided Cover for the Saudi Starvation Strategy in Yemen



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