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Say No to Trump Troops Against Immigrants!

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The Trump administration has been considering ways to use armed military troops against peaceful immigrants.
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On January 25th, five days after he became Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly had his name on a draft memo addressed to the acting heads of federal agencies handling immigration. Some unnamed DHS officials have claimed the draft was never seriously considered, while others have said it was still being considered as recently as February 10th.
The memo sketched out plans for many more immigrants to be kept in prison; for 5,000 more border patrol agents to be hired; for any aid to the government of Mexico to be identified (presumably in order to end it); for construction to begin on a wall along the border; for immigrants to be deported without hearings or reviews; and for negotiations to be opened with the governors of 11 states to turn State Guard troops into immigration law enforcers -- investigating, apprehending and imprisoning immigrants. 
The militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border -- and the consideration of using major military force against peaceful men, women, and children -- must be overwhelmingly rejected as absolutely intolerable. To imagine that violations of justice and humanity will not expand if tolerated would be dangerously naive.
The time to draw a line against such use of military troops is now. Click here please.

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