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Tell U.S. to Join Syrian Ceasefire.

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Russia and Turkey have announced a ceasefire in Syria, with Russia guaranteeing the side of the Syrian government, and Turkey guaranteeing much of the opposition -- including several opposition groups that have signed on, thereby giving this ceasefire more likelihood of lasting.

The U.S. State Department has declared this good news.

Missing is a commitment by the United States to itself cease fighting and cease arming fighters in Syria.

For this agreement to last and humanitarian aid to begin succeeding, the flow of weapons must end and be replaced by an appropriate investment in actual aid.

Not included in the agreement are ISIS, Al Nusra, and the Kurds. Russia, Turkey and the United States plan to continue a mix of counterproductive violence toward those groups. But solving this disaster has to begin with a first step.

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Please forward this to everyone you can.

Peace on Earth is more than just a saying to hang on the wall.

Those who want peace must push as hard as those who want war.

Put your name on the side of peace now.

-- The RootsAction.org Team

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