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This is a special message to all who have supported CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling by signing petitions via RootsAction. With the holiday season fast approaching while Jeffrey is still in prison, please consider providing new help as outlined below in Holly Sterling’s letter to you.

Dear Friends,

As you’re probably aware, Jeffrey was waiting to be seen by a cardiac specialist. Finally, he received an evaluation that also included a stress test. Jeffrey continues to suffer PVC’s (premature ventricular contractions) almost daily as also depicted by the readings during the stress test. The specialist concluded Jeffrey was not in immediate danger and prescribed a beta blocker.

Although this appears to be positive news, the doctor made this determination without receiving or reviewing pertinent blood test results from the prison. This remains a huge concern for us, as Jeffrey was informed by prison medical personnel on September 17, 2016, that his blood test results signified high levels of troponin, a protein released when “the heart muscle has been damaged, such as occurs with a heart attack” (MedLine Plus Medical Encyclopedia). Sadly, the prison is now denying Jeffrey was ever told specific details of his troponin levels.

I worked judiciously with many supporters to locate a law firm to represent Jeffrey for medical negligence.  After review of all grievances and medical records, I was informed at this time there is nothing that can be done. As long as the prison provides the bare minimum in medical care, they are not liable. I was informed “medical malpractice” is not enough to hold a prison medical care provider liable, they have to be “deliberately indifferent” as the law is written.

Please continue to support us:

* Your help for the Sterling Family Fund would continue to allow me the privilege to visit Jeffrey in Colorado as he completes the last 1.5 years of his sentence. It also allows me to send him reading material and pay for our telephone calls. Please click here to make a contribution.

* Please continue to send words of encouragement and hope to my beloved husband Jeffrey. Please know he garners strength and hope from each of you.  You may write letters and/or send cards to him at the following address:


I would also like to inform you that oral arguments for Jeffrey’s appeal are happening on December 6th. Jeffrey and I continue to remain hopeful his innocence and truth will ultimately prevail.

Jeffrey and I cannot adequately express our gratitude for your support and actions that resulted in him obtaining medical care. We know that without all the calls and emails demanding medical treatment he would still have not been evaluated, and for that we are deeply thankful.

Although Jeffrey and I are unable to celebrate the holiday season together, we are eternally grateful for the monthly visits and daily phone calls, and this has all been due to your generosity. Please take a moment to thank yourselves for extending a heart and hand to those in need. We wish you all health, happiness, and peace to you and your families always and especially throughout the holiday season.

With much respect,
Holly Sterling

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