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Justice at Standing Rock!

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Should nonviolent Native Americans in North Dakota have the legal rights of armed white people in Oregon?

An all-white jury in Oregon has acquitted a group of white men of crimes stemming from actions they live streamed on video. They took over federal land (belonging to Native Americans by treaty) as a protest of the enforcement of a law against burning federal lands. They were heavily armed. They threatened violence. Yet they were never attacked by militarized police and face no legal penalties for their actions. The corporate media gave them extensive and "balanced" coverage. The police went out of their way to respect these men's rights to assemble, speak, and seek redress of grievances.

Meanwhile a group of nonviolent activists led by Native American men and women are opposing the illegal construction of a fossil fuel pipeline through land belonging to Native American nations under the Horse Creek Treaty of 1851. They're seeking to nonviolently protect local water and land as well as the climate of the planet. They've been attacked with dogs, pepper spray, rubber bullets, tasers, sound cannons, mace, bean bags, and batons. They've been arrested and hooded and strip searched. Police and so-called National Guard forces from multiple states have been deployed against them. The corporate media has largely avoided the story.

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