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Dear RootsAction supporters in Benton County,
We're pleased to pass along to you this important message from our friends at Benton County Ranked Choice Voting.
Best wishes,
The RootsAction.org Team

We’re writing to ask for your support for Ranked Choice Voting in Benton County.  This November, Benton County could be the first county in Oregon to adopt Ranked Choice Voting for local elections.  Here’s why we support Benton County Measure 2-100.

People continue to be more and more discouraged with politics and sometimes even choose not to vote.  Some voters are discouraged because they feel like they have to choose between voting for the lesser of two evils or throwing their vote away.   Others feel discouraged because year after year politicians are elected without a majority of the vote – this happens when people opposing one candidate split their votes among two or more other candidates running for the same office.

Ranked Choice Voting is a simple fix for these problems.

Ranked Choice Voting is a voting system that gives voters more power by allowing them to rank candidates in order of preference – 1, 2, 3 and so on.  If your favorite candidate can't win, your vote is instantly counted for your second choice.

Ranked Choice Voting gives voters more choices.
You can vote for whom you want, instead of who is more likely to win. You never have to choose between throwing your vote away or voting for the lesser of two evils.

Measure 2-100 calls for electing county officials by Ranked Choice Voting in November general elections.  Primaries would not be affected.

Please join us at the Benton County Public Library on Friday, October 14, at 6 pm for a Ranked Choice Voting Open House.  This will be a fun and informative event with food, music and a few surprises.  If you can’t make it to the Open House, please consider volunteering or making a donation at www.betterballotbenton.com.

We hope you join us in Voting YES on Measure 2-100.

Thank you,

Democratic State Representative Dan Rayfield
Pacific Green Party Co-Founder Blair Bobier

Chief Petitioners for Benton County Ranked Choice Voting



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