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The California Legislature has passed and sent to the governor AB 2844, a deceptive effort to silence debate on Israel/Palestine by stigmatizing supporters of human rights who boycott or divest from Israel. Please click here to urge him to veto the bill by signing the online petition being circulated by Jewish Voice for Peace, Code Pink and the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.

You can also write a comment directly on the governor's website for public input. (Click on "Have comment," enter your name, etc., scroll down under "topic" to the bill number, "submit;" click "con," write your comment, then again, submit.)

Grassroots opposition forced its Israel lobby backers to rewrite AB 2844 multiple times and finally to pretend it's about discrimination. It would force state contractors and grantees to sign affidavits, under penalty of perjury, that their "policies" toward Israel (or some other country) are not discriminatory under existing California law.

The bill doesn't make sense; actual discrimination is already prohibited in any conceivable scenario. The contortions came about because opponents successfully demonstrated that boycotts for human rights are examples of political speech, deserving of the highest form of protection, according to the U.S. Supreme Court, and penalizing contractors' right to speak their mind would violate the constitution.

Add your name to the petition here.

The bill would also be a huge a waste of taxpayer money. The state Dept. of Finance has estimated it could cost more than $140 million a year, mostly due to ethical businesses opting out of contracts because of a vague threat of criminal prosecution. That too is unconstitutional.

AB 2844 is opposed by the ACLU, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, National Lawyers Guild, Palestine Legal, and Center for Constitutional Rights because they are concerned the bill violates both First Amendment rights to free speech and Fifth Amendment rights to due process.

Click here to sign this petition to California Governor Jerry Brown:

We urge you to veto AB 2844, an unconstitutional and costly attack on Californians’ free speech and the movement for Palestinian human rights.

For more details, read the series of opposition legal memos (the bill was rewritten seven times) and news on similar repressive acts in other states at righttoboycott.org.

Thanks for helping to stop this repressive legislation and upholding the right to use economic measures for human rights of Palestinians -- and everyone else.

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—The RootsAction.org Team


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