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We weren't sure we could do it.

RootsAction.org set out to launch a solid network of Bernie delegates so that we could take a stand for progressive principles at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, and it’s bigger and better than we ever hoped for. Thanks to you.

Please help us continue this work in Philly and beyond with a small donation.

Out of 1900 total Bernie delegates, more than 1200 have joined the network and more join each day. On Tuesday evening RootsAction.org’s cofounder Norman Solomon, who is coordinating the Bernie network, helped lead a conference call of 408 delegates. (We’ve built this in partnership with Progressive Democrats of America.)

You might have seen media reports about our VP survey of Bernie delegates who responded that it will be unacceptable and will lead to a protest on the convention floor if Hillary Clinton chooses a corporate centrist running-mate. The network of delegates is ready to battle over various progressive issues, including stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
Please help support our efforts to fight on in Philadelphia.

Our goal is to take a stand in Philadelphia and to keep progressives networked and inspired to battle on – and keep the heat on the next president (who, hopefully, will not be Trump).

The energy unleashed by the Sanders campaign must not be allowed to dissipate. RootsAction.org strives to keep the political revolution alive – to continue to resist TPP and perpetual war and Wall Street domination. To demand a full-scale government mobilization against climate change. To achieve universal healthcare and free public college tuition.

Millions of people joined the Bernie upsurge, including many young people and those active for the first time. Bernie’s campaign may be over . . . but we want to show in Philadelphia that the battle continues, and will endure after Philadelphia.

Please give RootsAction.org a vote of confidence – with a donation – urging us to keep fighting on for the progressive agenda.

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