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No to New Missile Sites in U.S.

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The U.S. military has now built missile "defense" sites in Alaska and California (as well as Romania, and under construction in Poland). Next will be New York, Michigan, or Ohio, unless we can stop them.

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I strongly oppose building a Ground-Based Mid-Course Missile "Defense" system in New York, Ohio, Michigan, or anywhere else on earth.

These missiles are a highly provocative part of the U.S. arms race, taken as hostile by Russia and China. Arguments in Washington, D.C., for a militarized defense against a supposed Russian threat were rejected by a senior Pentagon officer in Politico on May 12, 2016, in these terms:

"The Army is looking for a purpose, and a bigger chunk of the budget. And the best way to get that is to paint the Russians as being able to land in our rear and on both of our flanks at the same time. What a crock."

Bureaucracy and profiteering are not sufficient justification for constructing these counterproductive systems, which will endanger, rather than protect, us, damage the natural environment, and waste huge sums of money needed for useful projects that answer legitimate human needs.

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-- The RootsAction.org Team

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