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Demand that Democratic Party superdelegates represent their constituents at their National Convention.

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Superdelegates are delegates who vote for the Democratic presidential nominee at the National Convention. Unlike pledged delegates, who are required to support the candidate(s) chosen by voters in their state primary or caucus, superdelegates are designated by the leadership of the Democratic National Committee and may vote for any candidate of their choosing.

If you object to this antidemocratic system employed uniquely by the Democratic Party, click here.

Unless we change this system it is entirely possible that Senator Bernie Sanders could win the popular vote nationwide and lose the nomination to the votes of super delegates.

Click here to sign this petition to the Democratic National Committee:

At the Democratic National Convention, superdelegates should vote for the presidential candidate whom their constituents have chosen in their respective state primaries or caucuses.

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-- The RootsAction.org team

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