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Hillary, Stop Lying About Single-Payer!

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In February 2008, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton passionately denounced candidate Barack Obama for criticizing her healthcare plan. "Since when do Democrats attack each other on universal healthcare?!" Clinton exclaimed. She found Obama's comments to be "Republican talking points" and "the worst kind of politics."

Now Clinton and her daughter are criticizing Senator Bernie Sanders' single-payer plan, falsely claiming that it will empower Republican governors to strip people of their health coverage, and that it will cost more.

Click here to see a video mashup of Clinton '08 and Clinton '16 and to tell Hillary Clinton to stop lying about single-payer.

A single-payer health plan eliminates private health insurance companies, their bureaucracy, their advertising, their CEO salaries, and other overhead. Under such a system of enhanced Medicare for all, everyone is covered, and the cost is dramatically lowered. Many might pay more in taxes, but not as much more as they would save by eliminating their insurance bills, deductibles, and co-pays. Unless you're in the top 5% for income, your costs would go down.

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ABC News asked Hillary Clinton on camera how she could justify her daughter's claims that a truly universal system would strip people of health coverage. Clinton refused to concede the point, and changed topics to make a misleading claim that single-payer would cost more.

It would not.

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Since 2013, Hillary Clinton has pocketed $2.8 million in exchange for giving 13 speeches to health-profiteering industry groups. For that kind of money, some people will tell you anything you want to hear -- unless a public outcry makes clear that we aren't falling for it.

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