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Tell Congress to fix something broken, not break something that works.

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Every day, the men and women working for the FAA's Air Traffic Control (ATC) keep U.S. skies safe for air passengers.

There's a long list of government operations in bad need of repair, including the TSA, which harasses airline passengers as it pursues irrational and unproven theories of terrorist identification. The ATC isn't on that list. It isn't broken.

But there is profit to be made in privatizing the ATC, at the possible expense of safety, cost, and employment. A few countries have privatized their ATC systems and the results have been higher costs for passengers, less democratic oversight, and job losses.

Click here to tell Congress not to listen to lobbyists for some of the biggest airlines who are demanding the privatization of the ATC.

Privatizing ATC operations would also hurt rural communities that depend on smaller airports to thrive. In just a few weeks, the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will be taking up the issue. Committee members need to hear from all of us.

Please click here to make your voice heard.

The current system is working, though it could struggle if drone lobbyists have their way and fill U.S. skies with unpiloted drones. Privatizing air traffic control would likely mean more consolidation and power for airlines, less choice and more expensive travel for consumers, loss of good jobs among air traffic controllers and other aviation workers, and more cuts at rural airports.

Click here to tell Congress not to relinquich its powers of oversight on something this important.

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