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Don't let Saudi Arabia kill another artist.

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First they came for the artists but I didn't say anything because I wasn't an artist . . . and because the Saudi government was buying U.S. weapons and selling the United States oil.

Should that be the approach the United States takes to the world?

A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced a poet, artist, and curator of shows in Venice and Jeddah to death for apostasy -- specifically for having allegedly cursed God, Mohamed, and Saudi Arabia.


Because somebody claims that Ashraf Fayadh cursed God.

To help prevent this outrage, please click here and then forward this email to everyone you can.

In a recent poll in Saudi Arabia, 92% of respondents reportedly said that ISIS "conforms to the values of Islam and Islamic law." The Saudi "justice" system is based on Sharia Islamic law. Its judges are Wahhabi and believe that blasphemy and apostasy must be punished with death.

Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia flogged liberal writer Raif Badawi 50 times for blasphemy -- a major reduction from his sentence of 1,000 lashes. Global pressure had a significant impact. A British man was also just freed by Saudi Arabia following public pressure.

Now we need a death sentence cancelled.

Ashraf Fayadh has denied the charges against him and says his accuser lied to the religious police following a dispute with him. The truth of the matter may be unknowable and is certainly irrelevant.

Beheading a man for free speech is intolerable.

We cannot allow it.

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-- The RootsAction.org Team

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