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No Weapons for Israel!

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The Israeli government did everything it could to defeat the nuclear deal with Iran and failed.

Click here if you think it would be a mistake to now give Israel weapons with which it could start a war on Iran by itself.

President Obama wants to reward Israel by authorizing the transfer of "massive ordnance penetrators" and other advanced weaponry needed for an Israeli attack on Iran, and by promising Israel as much as $45 billion in U.S. taxpayer-funded weapons over the next 10 years.

If Israel starts a war with Iran, it will be very difficult to keep the United States out of it.

If Israel uses new U.S. weapons to attack Palestinian civilians, their blood will be on the hands of U.S. taxpayers.

In fact, Israel's routine attacks on Palestinians make the transfer of U.S. weaponry to Israel illegal under U.S. law.

Click here to ask President Obama to comply with the law.

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-- The RootsAction.org Team, together with Grassroots International, WarIsACrime.org, World Beyond War, Code Pink, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Jewish Voice for Peace, U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, American Muslims for Palestine, and Defense for Children International Palestine.

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> Text of U.S.-Israel Memorandum of Understanding,  August 2007



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