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"Reckless indifference" in Texas prisons. Tell your legislators to fix this!

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Five months ago, a major study reported on one of the grim aspects of Texas prisons -- the "reckless indifference" to "extreme heat" that is sometimes deadly.

This terrible problem continues. As a Texan who cares about human rights, let your voice be heard.

Click here to tell your members of the state legislature that you want the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to stop abusing the human rights of prisoners.

Releasing the report, the Human Rights Clinic at the University of Texas School of Law urged the TDCJ and the Texas Legislature to take basic steps for decency such as:

  • establishing temperature limits throughout TDCJ facilities;
  • establishing proper mechanisms to screen and monitor inmates for heat-related illnesses;
  • ensuring that all inmate complaints receive a complete and impartial investigation by an independent investigator and that inmates are protected from retaliation by TDCJ employees for filing such grievances;
  • adopting all necessary preventative measures to protect inmate welfare.

To send a message for prison reform to your legislators in Austin, click here.

After taking this action, please forward this message to your friends in Texas.

Thank you!

-- The RootsAction.org Team


Human Rights Clinic: "Reckless Indifference: Extreme Heat in Texas Prisons" -- April 2015



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