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Create a basic income guarantee for everyone.

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The Charleston massacre has elevated the issue of venomous racism, and will hopefully bring down flags and other symbols of white racism.

Meanwhile, just as there is no excuse for racism, there is no excuse for poverty in a country as wealthy as ours.

Poverty is a huge problem among Americans of all races -- but it is very disproportionately a problem for African-Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans.

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In the year 2000, the typical white family held a net worth six times greater than the typical black family. That gap has now more than doubled. As wealth disparity increases across the board, so does racial wealth disparity (with the 400 wealthiest Americans possessing more wealth than half the country).

The median white household now has 13 times the wealth of the median black household and 10 times that of the median Latino household.[1] With 10% of whites in the U.S. officially in poverty, for blacks it's 27% and for Latinos 24%.

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One way to address the legacy of slavery and racism that creates the racial wealth disparity would be to acknowledge the worth of every human being by creating a basic income guarantee.

A basic income guarantee is an idea whose time has come in our country. Alaska has a form of it with oil money going to all citizens. Proposed by Thomas Paine, Martin Luther King Jr., President Richard Nixon and many others throughout history, a basic income guarantee could eliminate poverty, reduce bureaucracy, reduce inequality, and reduce crime and desperation.

While other countries have been creating basic income guarantees, the United States is lagging behind. It's time to put such guarantees on the national agenda. Click here.

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-- The RootsAction.org Team

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1. Pew Research Center: Wealth inequality has widened along racial, ethnic lines since end of Great Recession

Remapping Debate: Guaranteed Income's Moment in the Sun



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