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This is a war we can prevent.

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Forty-seven Republican senators sent a letter to Iran this week in an effort to derail diplomacy and put the United States on a path toward yet another war.

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Instead of asserting their authority to end existing wars, they claimed the power to undo any agreement reached between the U.S. and Iran. They pointed out that, while U.S. presidents serve no more than 8 years, senators can hold an "unlimited number of 6-year terms."

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The last thing the United States or the world needs is yet another war. Congress is in the middle of debating whether to "authorize" some of the existing wars. This is not the time to be sabotaging negotiations with Iran in any way. Senator Corker's bill (S. 615) to allow rejection of a deal and the Kirk-Menendez bill (S. 1881) to impose still harsher sanctions must be rejected.

Click here to tell your senators that they should assert their authority to end wars, not to provoke new ones, and that senators who do that will be more likely to earn our support for an "unlimited number of 6-year terms."

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-- The RootsAction.org Team

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