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Are Progressive Caucus Leaders Pushing Toward War?

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The entire 11-member leadership of the U.S. Congressional Progressive Caucus1 has voted in favor of a House resolution2 that calls for isolation of Russia, urges the shipment of military weapons to the Ukrainian government, and encourages the United States and NATO to step up preparations for military confrontation with Russia.3
Click here to let Congress and the world know that you disavow this dangerous resolution.
Missing from the Congressional resolution and from almost all U.S. media coverage is the background of NATO expansion eastward to Russia's border in violation of the promise the United States made to Russia in 1989,4 as well as the U.S. support for a coup government in Ukraine and the attacks of that government's militias on ethnic Russians.
The resolution backed by all the Progressive Caucus leaders (H. Res. 758) constitutes an act of hostility while claiming to oppose the same. To oppose that reckless resolution, click here.
Journalist Robert Parry explains the basis of Congress's statement, which parallels the dominant view of U.S. media: "The original lie behind Official Washington's latest 'group think' was that Russian President Vladimir Putin instigated the crisis in Ukraine as part of some diabolical scheme to reclaim the territory of the defunct Soviet Union, including Estonia and other Baltic states. Though not a shred of U.S. intelligence supported this scenario, all the 'smart people' of Washington just 'knew' it to be true."5
H. Res 758 denounces Russia for purchasing weapons, arming dictatorships, and allegedly invading sovereign nations -- all actions in which the United States routinely engages.
The resolution calls on President Obama "to provide the Government of Ukraine with lethal and non-lethal defense articles, services, and training," and demands that NATO prepare for war in defense of Ukraine as a NATO member. Ukraine is not a NATO member, but NATO is pushing hard for its inclusion.
Weirdly, in support for this reckless belligerence, the Progressive Caucus leaders lack the restraint of Henry Kissinger, who has offered the following correction: "The annexation of Crimea was not a move toward global conquest."6
Click here to reject the House resolution’s step toward war, and to tell Congress members to base their policy toward Russia on facts and diplomacy.

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1. Progressive Congressional Caucus Co-Chairs: Keith Ellison, Raúl Grijalva. First Vice Chair: Mark Pocan. Vice Chairs: Matt Cartwright, Judy Chu, David Cicilline, Michael Honda, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Jan Schakowsky, Mark Takano. Whip: Barbara Lee.
2. Roll call of the vote.
3. Text of the House resolution.
4. Foreign Affairs: How the West Broke Its Promise to Moscow
5. Consortium News, Robert Parry: Who's Telling the 'Big Lie' on Ukraine?
6. Der Spiegel: Interview with Henry Kissinger: Do We Achieve World Order Through Chaos or Insight?



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