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When you signed the petition in support of James Risen, you helped to push the Justice Department back on its heels.

Our petition with 100,000 signers -- presented in Washington two months ago -- broke the government's aggressive stride toward Risen. Since then, the dynamics have continued to change for the better.

Our mid-August news conference had major ripple effects. Media coverage was extensive and positive. A week later, while linking to a RootsAction petition page, the Washington Post editorialized that the Justice Department should drop its subpoena of Risen.

As Jim Risen has emphasized, ultimately this battle is not about him -- it's about confidentiality of sources and freedom of the press.

Now, we're at another turning point.

The Nation has just published a groundbreaking story, "The Government War Against Reporter James Risen," with an apt subtitle -- "The vendetta against him and whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling reflects an antidemocratic goal: the uninformed consent of the governed."

Please click to share that article -- via Facebook and Twitter. The piece was written by RootsAction co-founder Norman Solomon and ExposeFacts.org investigative journalist Marcy Wheeler.

*  Coming up Sunday night (Oct. 12), James Risen will appear on the CBS program "60 Minutes" (7 p.m. ET/PT).

*  We're glad to report that James Risen's first book in eight years will be published next week -- titled Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War.

*  RootsAction is committed to continuing this fight, which we jumped into nearly six months ago with the petition launch. We've been proud to partner with many wonderful organizations (you can see more than a dozen logos on the petition page), while RootsAction has continued to absorb the financial costs of this ongoing campaign.

Please click here to make a contribution -- helping to strengthen RootsAction in this battle for freedom of the press.

Thank you!

---- The RootsAction.org team

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