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On Wednesday the U.S. House of Representatives, and on Thursday the Senate, passed a measure allowing the shipment of weapons to Syria, and put off until after the U.S. elections in November any vote on the wider war already underway.

To find out how your Representative and Senators voted and to respond accordingly, click here.

The so-called "moderates" in Syria are engaged in mass killing alongside their allies in ISIS. Weapons shipped to them will be used against Assad's government, they say. Meanwhile, President Obama is working with Assad to launch air strikes against ISIS, effectively fueling the violence on both sides of a horrific war. U.S. ground troops and air strikes are already in Iraq.

Click here to tell Congress to end U.S. warmaking in Syria and Iraq, and to block the shipment of any weapons into the Middle East.

"The consequences of this vote," said Congresswoman Barbara Lee, "will be a further expansion of a war currently taking place and our further involvement in a sectarian war. . . . What is missing from this debate is the political, economic, diplomatic and regionally-led solutions that will ultimately be the tools for security in the region and for any potential future threats to the United States."

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