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End foreign weapons sales!

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The U.S. military and weapons makers are "targeting the world market as never before," according to a new report from Defense News.

This comes on the heels of news that ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq & Syria) has seized piles of U.S.-made weaponry in Iraq.

Think ISIS is alone in using U.S. weapons?

The United States already accounts for 79 percent of weapons sales to the Middle East according to the Congressional Research Service, and the majority of all foreign weapons sales around the world.

Tell Congress and the President to end foreign weapons sales.

The U.S. sells or gives weapons to every sort of government, some of which re-sell or lose their weapons to opponents, others of which put the weapons to use. Thus we end up with wars like Libya in 2011, in which interchangable U.S. weaponry is found on both sides.

Arming the world is madness from any point of view but the short-term profits of the weapons makers. Ceasing to do so would reduce arguments for maintaining the United States' own massive military -- equal, in cost, to the rest of the world's combined.

Tell Congress and the President to end foreign weapons sales and transition U.S. industries to peaceful products.

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-- The RootsAction.org Team

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DefenseNews.com: U.S. Doubles Down on Foreign Military Sales



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