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When will we ever learn?

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President Obama has requested another half a billion dollars to arm and train "appropriately vetted" fighters in Syria to help them kill better.

Tell him -- and your senators and representative in Congress -- No!

The violent rebellion in Syria, supported by the U.S. government and others, has spilled over into Iraq -- itself still reeling from U.S. destruction and the illegitimacy of a government imposed by foreign occupation.

When will we ever learn? From Vietnam to Afghanistan to Iraq and many other countries, U.S. intervention has led to enormous suffering and death on a huge scale.

Click here to say No: No training for Syrian soldiers. And No U.S. soldier "advisers" in Iraq.

What we need is a commitment to genuine diplomacy, dedicated to settling differences nonviolently.

Instead of devoting still more vast quantities of dollars to do more damage, the United States should do what it can to repair the damage already done.

Tell the President and Congress.

And please share this email with people you know who are fed up with paying for war.

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-- The RootsAction.org Team

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New York Times: Obama Requests Money to Train "Appropriately Vetted" Syrian Rebels



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