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A massive human experiment is underway, and we're the ones being experimented on.

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The evidence is mounting. A grave threat to lives and well-being is completely self-inflicted. We're poisoning ourselves with plastics.

Click here to demand that the federal government serve its primary function of keeping us safe.

A new report in Mother Jones finds that even if plastic bottles and food containers were rid of a notoriously dangerous additive called BPA, they would in many cases remain unsafe -- putting people at risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and numerous other serious ailments.

Estrogenic chemicals -- as dangerous as BPA and worse -- are used in plastics found in water bottles, baby bottles, and all kinds of food containers. The Environmental Protection Agency does not test or regulate these chemicals. Consumers have no way of knowing what's in a product by looking at it or by checking what type of plastic it is.

In effect, a massive human experiment is underway, testing thousands of new -- and often hazardous -- substances. We feed ourselves and our children unknown chemicals, and then we wait to see what happens to us or our descendants.

"A poison kills you," says biology professor Frederick vom Saal. "A chemical like BPA reprograms your cells and ends up causing a disease in your grandchild that kills him" or her.

Click here if you find this absolutely unacceptable.

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-- The RootsAction.org team

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