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Should we keep destroying the earth or start saving it? President Obama's answer in his State of the Union address was "All of the above!"

As Pete Seeger knew, sometimes we have to answer this question: "Which side are you on?"

The legendary folk singer and activist passed away Monday in New York near his beloved Hudson River.

Obama spoke both of protecting the earth's climate and of his promotion of the destructive practice of fracking. "If extracted safely," he said of so-called natural gas, delving into a realm of fantasy not supported by past experience, "it's the bridge fuel that can power our economy."

We need to be on the other side, Mr. President. We don't have time to be wasting on a bridge between irreversible devastation and serious efforts to protect the earth.

Send a clear message to stop fracking.

Maura Stephens of the Coalition to Protect New York said, "It was very ironic that the day we were honoring Pete Seeger -- a hero of peace and the environment -- President Obama would double down on fracking claims. Seeger has been one of our champions in the fight against fracking in New York State, coming to virtually all of our rallies."

Let's remember Pete Seeger by organizing rather than mourning. We're knee-deep in the Big Muddy, and it's time to reverse direction.

Click here to tell President Obama and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: Fracking is not a "fuel of the future." Fracking is a fuel that could leave us no future, except perhaps as fossils to power the activities of some future species as reckless as our own.

Please forward this to people you know who don't want a fracked-up future.

-- The RootsAction.org team

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