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If you liked the Iraq war you're going to love the Iran war! Just ask the experts.

Senator Lindsey Graham said in March 2003, "Saddam would not voluntarily part with his WMD. President Bush used the only reasonable option."

Now he says, "The only way to convince Iran is to make clear that we will take it out."

Click here if you've had enough of such wisdom.

Pundit Bill Kristol said in March 2003, "We will be vindicated when we discover WMD and when we liberate the people of Iraq."

Now he says, "Serious people will do their utmost to expose and scuttle Obama's bad Iran deal."

"Serious" people in the U.S. Senate and House are working to do just that. Claiming that yet more damaging sanctions are needed to bring Iran to the negotiating table, these familiar faces from wars past are sabotaging an agreement already negotiated with Iran.

Click here to stop this push for war.

Sanctions against Iran are not helping diplomacy but derailing it and driving our war-weary nation toward a war that would make Iraq look like the cakewalk its promoters claimed it would be.

In a bill that would impose new sanctions and subvert the already-existing agreement with Iran, Republican and Democratic sponsors of S.1881 would also commit the United States to joining in any war Israel should choose to launch against Iran.

This is madness! Among the U.S. public there's 17% support for our current war in Afghanistan, but our so-called representatives in Washington are fleeing in horror from any possibility of peace with Iran. Even the White House says these Senators are on a march to war.

But we can stop them. Our preference for peace can overpower their preference for war, as it did with the proposed missile strikes into Syria.

But only if we raise our voices now. Click here!

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-- The RootsAction.org team

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