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No justification for keeping this history secret!

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For decades, serious journalistic accounts have reported that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency played a key role in Nelson Mandela's capture in 1962, leading to his 27 years behind bars. The CIA reportedly tipped off South African authorities as to Mandela's exact whereabouts and how he would be dressed -- disguised as a chauffeur.

If the United States played a role in jailing one of the most famous political prisoners in world history, shouldn't the public be told the truth?

Yes, I call upon President Obama -- who campaigned for president as a supporter of government transparency and who spoke passionately yesterday at Mandela's memorial -- to oversee the release of all U.S. government files relevant to Mandela’s capture.

Since any CIA confidential sources or methods would no longer require secrecy 50 years after Mandela's capture, there is absolutely no justification for keeping any of these documents classified.

Yes, I want the President to make sure that all files on Mandela's capture are released.

Throughout history, we've learned much about CIA and FBI abuses through the release of once-secret documents. If this crime -- the arrest of a freedom fighter like Mandela -- was committed with the complicity of U.S. agents with U.S. taxpayer money, don’t we have a right to know?

President Obama, open the Mandela/South Africa files today!

In the interests of transparency and truthful history, please forward this email to people you know.

-- The RootsAction.org team

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Newsweek (12/5/2013): Day Mandela Was Arrested, With Help From the CIA
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