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No subsidies for bombing civilians.

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As tragedies in Gaza and Israel continue, only a single standard of human rights can prevent us from falling into the easy ruts of propaganda.

Whatever the rationales, bombing civilians is morally unacceptable. When Israel does it. When Hamas does it.

Unfortunately, a double standard of human rights is routine in the United States -- where skewed media coverage has reinforced the craven stances of top American officials.

It is necessary -- but insufficient -- to call for a cease-fire. At the same time, let’s be clear about the U.S. government’s ongoing role.

Please join us now in saying No to subsidies for bombing civilians.

The current Israeli assault on Gaza, as Rabbi Alissa Wise noted days ago, “is being paid for thanks to the blank check the Israeli military receives from the U.S. government.”

Rabbi Wise, representing Jewish Voice for Peace, went on to say: “Even as we take to the streets to call for an immediate cessation of the bombings into Gaza, the rocket attacks into civilian communities in Israel, and an end to the ongoing siege of Gaza, we are aware that more is required.”

The “more” that’s required includes a change in U.S. policy. In Rabbi Wise’s words, we should ask President Obama “to make sure aid to Israel doesn't continue to violate U.S. laws which specifically prohibit assistance to any country which engages in a consistent pattern of human rights violations.”

A new RootsAction action calls on the U.S. government to do just that. Please take a minute to click here and tell the President -- and your Senators and Representative in the House -- that our tax dollars should not go to aid Israel or any other country if it consistently violates human rights.

At last count, more than 100 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed during the past week, while the Israeli death toll stands at three. We must work to recognize that every one of such deaths is unacceptable.

Please forward this email widely to like-minded friends.

-- Norman Solomon for RootsAction.org

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