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Robin Hood is coming!

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Dear Supporter,

Jamie Dimon received a pay package of $23 million last year as C.E.O. of J.P. Morgan Chase.  Dimon is about to receive a flood of emails from Robin Hood, announcing the launch of a new campaign with a huge coalition behind it.

You can send one right now. It looks like this:

Dear Jamie Dimon,
It was 797 years ago this week that King John was confronted and forced to share power and wealth, forced to concede rights to others through the Magna Carta.

Yes, that was me.  I did that.

And I'm back.  You Wall Street royalty have pushed the people too far.

I'm not going to shoot arrows at you.  I'm going to tax you.  While you sit behind computer screens making millions a day, I'm going to tax you 50 cents on every $100 you trade.

I can raise $350 billion with which to save lives.  I'll invest in healthcare, jobs, education, and other basic needs, while you and your court won't even notice the missing bags of gold.

Wall Street crashed the economy.  The people bailed you out.  And you demanded more.

Now I say No More.  It's time for a Robin Hood Tax, a financial transactions tax, a little bit of modern justice.

I'm coming.  I have a million faces.

Robin Hood

Please send this message now! And forward this email widely to like-minded friends.

--The RootsAction team

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