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Fun Russian Flash Mob! Tell President Obama it's worth 5 minutes of his time to watch.

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Dear Supporter,

We came across this wonderful video of a dancing flash mob in Moscow, and wanted to share it with you.
Please forward this email to your friends.  It’s not heavy politics – just an inspiring video of young Russians dancing to an American classic song.
But it should remind us as Americans that our country today still has 450 inter-continental ballistic missiles deployed and ready to fire at the people of Russia on a moment’s notice.
By the tens of thousands, we are urging President Obama to watch this video.
And we’re asking the President to do away with these missiles!
The Cold War is over. Let’s stop targeting the Russian people. Let’s celebrate peace and let’s dance together.
Enjoy the video.
We’ll let you know shortly whether we’ve gotten Mr. Obama to watch the video.  Adding your name will help.
Jeff, David, Aimee
and the RootsAction team
P.S. Please check out this recent column co-written by RootsAction endorser Daniel Ellsberg: “Eradicate Land-Based 'Doomsday' Missiles.”   

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