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Still looking for an inspiring candidate for Congress?

Here is a candidate with spine and heart who could use your help.

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Dear Supporter,

A cofounder of RootsAction – lifelong activist and author NORMAN SOLOMON -- is running one of the most exciting campaigns for Congress anywhere in the country.

Please help Norman get to Washington.

When he’s in Congress, he’ll fight for the full RootsAction agenda: cut military spending; end corporate personhood; tax Wall Street; launch green jobs programs; restore civil liberties; out of Afghanistan; no attack on Iran; etc. etc.

Norman has built a powerful grassroots campaign in California’s North Coast district -- with over 850 volunteers and nearly 4,200 individual donors. But he is up against big-money: two corporate-connected Democrats will outspend him roughly 2 to 1.  Norman accepts no corporate money.

Please donate to help level the field for Norman.

Remember: when the great Paul Wellstone -- another lifelong progressive activist -- got into the U.S. Senate, he won despite being outspent 7 to 1.

Norman can win in this progressive district. He’s hugely respected for his three trips to Iraq to try to stop the U.S. invasion, for his 12 books, for the War Made Easy documentary, for leaving Glenn Beck speechless in a TV debate, for cofounding the media watch group FAIR, for co-chairing the national “Healthcare Not Warfare” campaign, for leading movements for peace, justice and sustainability.

Besides donating to the Norman Solomon campaign, please urge any friends or relatives you know who live near California’s North Coast (from Marin County to the Oregon border) to vote and volunteer for him.

The primary is June 5 (voting-by-mail begins early May).

Check out Norman’s campaign website or his amazing bio.

Please forward this email far and wide.

Aimee, David, Sarah
and the Roots Action Team

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