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Romney is stashing cash in the Cayman Islands.
What else is he hiding?

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Dear Supporter,

Last night ABC News reported that presidential candidate Mitt Romney is hiding millions of dollars in a secret account in the Cayman Islands, “a notorious Caribbean tax haven.”

Romney has remarked: "If there's an opportunity to save taxes, we, like anybody else in this country, will follow that opportunity."

Tell Mitt Romney to prove he's not a tax dodger by releasing his tax forms.

Romney is proposing a tax plan that would radically transfer wealth to the wealthy, even more than current tax policy.

We might get some insight into Romney's devotion to the public good, as opposed to the exclusive good of multimillionaires, by examining his own tax history. But he refuses to make his tax forms public.

Tell Mitt Romney to make his tax forms public now! Not in April.

Romney, who made a fortune through investments that often ruined the lives of workers and their families, said this week he thinks he pays about 15% of his income in taxes – that's right, a lower rate than most of us who work for a living.

His income is from capital gains, Romney explained, “rather than ordinary or earned income.” And he’s called for the capital gains tax to be reduced to zero!

Would a Justice Department under President Romney ignore tax dodging on the grounds that everyone does it?

Add your name to the demand that Romney release his tax forms now!

Aimee, David, Sarah and the RootsAction team

P.S. Our small staff is supported by contributions from people like you; your donations are greatly appreciated.

Our thanks go out to all RootsAction activists who pushed the President to oppose the tar sands pipeline. He has refused it a permit . . . for now.  We'll keep watching.


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